the power of positivity

What the Power of Positivity Can Do for You

There is something about thinking positively and living a positive life that brings people joy and happiness. Maybe it's the act itself – being...
sorensen test

An Introduction to the Sorensen Test

The Sorensen Self-Esteem test is one that is often mentioned in the same circles as the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. The Sorenson test is the...
self concept

How Humans Form Self-Concept

Self-concept is described in a few ways. No matter the description, it is essentially the view of one's self – how you see yourself....
depressed woman

How To Recover From Burnout: Simple Steps

How to Recover From BurnoutIt doesn’t matter what your occupation, passion, or project is; the human mind has limits to stress and productivity. When...
The Power of Positive Thinking

What Is the Power of Positive Thinking?

If you already know even the smallest amount of information about the power of positive thinking, there are likely a couple of things that...

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