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make your life spectacular

Why You Should Make Your Life Spectacular

In August of 2014, the world lost a beautiful smiling face – a man that everyone on the outside thought was a happy-go-lucky guy...
when a man is nervous around a woman

What It Means When a Man Is Nervous Around a Woman

Your palms sweat, you can't think of what to say, and you're sure your heart is about to jump out of your chest –...
fear of missing out and social media

What Does Fear of Missing Out Mean?

Do you have a social media addiction? Are you afraid to miss out on parties or get-togethers with your friends because you worry you'll...
what to do when you are depressed

What to Do When You Are Depressed

When you find yourself asking the universe “why is my life so depressing,” it's time you started to figure out what you can do...
Inspirational thoughts

How Inspirational Thoughts Can Change Your Life

What inspires you? There are many things that can be inspiring to different people. You don't have to see things to be inspired, you...
elderly depression

Signs of Elderly Depression and What Causes It

As you get older, your body and mind go through many different changes. It's not surprising that some of these changes can lead to...
how to improve self esteem for wellness

How to Improve Self-Esteem for Wellness

A portion of your overall health and wellness plan should be learning how to improve self-esteem. Low self-esteem can cause depression, anxiety, mood swings,...
inspirational quotes

26 Inspirational Quotes About Life

Inspirational quotes have a way of brightening your day and making you feel better about life. There are days when life gets hard, but...
short inspirational quotes

32 Short Inspirational Quotes for Your Soul

Soul quotes reach deep into your mind and your spirit to inspire you and make you dream and believe. The human soul is what...

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